In the past 15 years, Jinuo Jiayin has focused on the voice creative industry and developed into a leading enterprise in China's voice industry. In the future, we should break through the waves and build an ecosystem of sound culture industry chain, which integrates Internet product development, online and offline language academies, voice talent training and output, and service for the voiced society. The company follows the development trend of the Internet, broadens the development thinking of the audio industry, develops voice coach APP, beautiful video micro-film and other Internet products suitable for the rhythm of modern life, which will be loved and sought after by people. The Tiansheng First Network created by the company is the largest voice music trading service platform in China and will be based on "quality". The principle of "best, lowest price and fastest speed" provides customers with better and more efficient dubbing and music service; opens a big forum for opening speeches, launches online free public welfare classes with the most beautiful voice, which is popular and warm to the public; and establishes a global network interactive video classroom to let Chinese language and culture go abroad and spread around the world. In addition to the largest dubbing base in China, Beijing headquarters has established bases in Tianjin, Hangzhou, Anhui, Hebei and other parts of the country to drive the company's business development and innovation; vigorously develop the school-enterprise cooperation business at home and abroad to build international talent training and transportation for students at home and abroad who love language and art. Bridge. Facing the future, Jinuo Jiayin will present a vigorous and new trend of diversified development and international layout.