Jinuo Jiayin has been focusing on sound creative industry for 15 years. In the future, Jinuo Jiayin will build an ecosystem of sound cultural industry chain, which integrates the development of Internet products, the training and output of sound talents, and the construction of a sound-oriented society. The company keeps up with the development trend of the Internet, broadens the development thinking of the audio industry, develops voice coach APP, beautiful video microfilm and other Internet products suitable for the rhythm of modern life, which will be loved and sought after by people. The Tiansheng Network built by the company is a voice dubbing trading service platform, which will provide customers with better quality, lower price and faster speed in line with the principle of "good quality, low speed". More efficient voice dubbing service; Opening a speech hall, launching online voice public welfare activities, popular, warm the public; In addition to the existing voice base in Beijing headquarters, have established bases in Tianjin, Hangzhou, Anhui, Hebei and other parts of the country to drive the company's business development and innovation; Facing the future, Jinnuojiayin will present a new trend of diversified development and vigorous upward!