Jinnuojiayin has been completing the transformation from “voice manufacturing” to “voice creation”. It has set up the layout of three industrial pillars of industry, teaching and search on audio industry, devoted to one-stop customized service of various audios and audio education and training as well as the research, development and production of various audio products. Based on the traditional business, the company has widened the development idea of audio industry, established global internet interactive lessons, held Kaiyan Forums, built up education items such as friends voice rally, children’s voice rally, and famous voice rally etc., multiply development to win the market. Mean time, the company has put effort to the R&D of audio industry, made audio IP by themselves, audio stories, audio drama, audio shows, and recording products and so on with independent copyrights. The cooperate partners of the company include the famous companies such as China Mobile, China Unicom, Hair Group, State Grid Corporation of China, China Petroleum Group, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, and even CCTV, local radio TV stations, publishing groups, media groups, communist party publicity departments at all levels etc. With the development of the overseas education and manufacturing business, the company has made deep friendships with BBC and the Spanish news and has wide communications with several art colleges and universities of Canada.