Products with strong market competitiveness and good reputation win customers'favor

The company has a professional and stable production team: relying on SkySound Network to gather professional dubbing teachers in the industry, production and scarce resources advantages are concentrated; through continuous refinement of industrial production and services, professional directors and team service customers are constructed in such sub-areas as foreign language dubbing, game dubbing, animation dubbing, film and television dubbing, audio novel, original dubbing, etc. Five years of professional dubbing has accumulated good reputation and brand loyalty.

Wide market prospects

With the emergence of voice products and voice platforms, the huge potential of the Internet audio market has enabled the voice industry to regain the favor of capital. The sound industry will strengthen its integration with other media, deepen content services, and form a new economic growth point. From the perspective of language arts learning, with the change of traditional industries to the Internet + industry, higher demands for people's language literacy and voice appeal have been put forward. Online learning of young children and language arts has increased exponentially, and the demand for language arts learning needs huge potential. At the same time, the habit of paying to listen and watch has been formed. High net worth people pursue spiritual pleasure and enjoyment. The charm of artistic language has become a necessary choice to relax, acquire knowledge and master information.

Optimizing and Upgrading the Industrial Structure of Enterprises and
Starting to Enter the IPO Market

Promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and taking the road of diversified development, the voice culture industry is a blue sea, with broad market prospects. It is worth us to dig and expand. Jinnuo Jiayin has risen to the forefront, enlarged and strengthened its corporate value, and made full efforts to enter the IPO.