To rise abruptly based on accumulated strength for billions marketing space

Audio industry just starts up domestically, however it has been developed and presents considerable influence abroad, and Japanese voice actor and the American’s Hollywood are well known. In the future in China, voice users will not be the government and companies, larger market will be the emotion endorsement of general public and individual demands, and return the audio industry to the social mass. The goal of the next ten years is to build up the marketing space of billions of audio industry relying on the strong and powerful team and the foundation, in line with the principle of “making voice into products and making the product into audios”.

To transform and upgrade for building up core competence

From the transition of postproduction of voice to independently developing the market, the company has integrated multi-industries and multi-trades and has developed their own core technology and audio products, such as shopping guide machines, tour guide machines, learning machines, simultaneous translation machines, and also the popular audio stories, audio novels, audio shows as well as related earphones, microphones, recording studios and so on. The company currently has designed hundreds of audio products. And such business model will undoubtedly win a huge marketing space, and with the aid of capital strength, huge economic benefic will be produced.

To leverage the capital market
For putting effort into National Equities Exchange and Quotations

National Equities Exchange and Quotations is a good choice for a booming company culture. The audio culture industry provides the outstanding feature of throwing out a minnow to catch a whale, as long as integrating with funds, our industry will take off with wings, jump in thousand mils and unlimitedly. In partnership with funds, doing the business practically and moving forward bravely, we devote to improving the whole industry social status and recognition, having the audio industry loved and known popularly, using good voice to bring benefit for human beings and providing the power for harmonious development of the nation and the society.