In “Billions audio-sphere”, we will select 100 quality members to be the head diamond members as our partners. The investment capital collected from the listing will be locked to these members, and the opportunities of incubated projects will be opened to the diamond members.

On the recruitment of diamond members,
we have strict requirements and standard:

Have entity industrial project

Have over three years
of business experiences

No bad credit record

Keening on new industry

Know and love audio industries

Members of "Billions audio-sphere" will get together once a month to participate Kaiyan Forum of the chairman Zhang Kaiyan of Beijing Jinnuojiayin. Our star resources, financial resources, project docking fund release, etc, will be presented in the activity. At the same time mentor Zhang Kaiyan will give his brainchild, from the perspective of authoritative language master professional guide your life, to solve three problems.

The courses on both star resources docking, and project investment and financing cooperation, or before the master's advice, which will make you feel content. At the same time in order to let you experience a deeper step we build "billions audio-sphere" mode of harmonious win-win situation The greatness of the sustainable healthy development, we aimed at chief 100 diamond members have special gifts, all members not only have a chance to recover their investment, can also share the teeth after development will bring amazing bonus and benefits.

At the same time, we also will be in the members to select excellent project or enterprise for further investment and incubation, and can invite stars as personally led the new company, bring great social value and economic benefits, instrumentality of the incubator has stars and investment will soon emerge in the financial markets Our diamond member has the rights of the preferred investment priorities in star with ShengTai circles and financial resources for all-around "hug".

"Billions audio-sphere", a new teaching mode The new cooperation mode New model of investment New profit pattern, the Internet celebrity + professional + + financial, unlimited creative space, the good news to share, is predestined friends the "billions audio-sphere", chief gold 100 seats, looking forward to your arrival.

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