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Project background

"Beautiful Video" micro-film refers to the short-term video which is specially used on various new media platforms, suitable for viewing in mobile and short-term leisure state, supported by complete planning and system production system, with complete story plot, "micro-cycle" production and "micro-scale" investment. Films can be written separately or serially. It integrates all the information of pictures, images, sounds and words, and has richer connotation. After processing by science and technology and artistic processing, it makes the film more sensory impact and highlights the theme to be expressed.

"Beautiful Video" micro-film project is to refine the production process of micro-film, combining with the current international popular matting special effect processing technology, to create an art micro-film with ordinary individuals as the leading role, so that the public consumers can have their own art films.

Project characteristics

1. widely applicable

As a multi-directional information recording method, the information content of micro-film covers the content of most previous information recording methods. This makes microfilm not only a simple tool for information retention and transmission, but also can be applied to teaching assistance, talent display, publicity and promotion. For example, video courses, virtual stage, graduation works, art exams, resumes, corporate promotional films and so on.

2. distinct themes

From the script writing to the completion of the finished product, the work of each link revolves around the theme of the film. The theme of the film, like the railroad track, firmly controls the plot development of the film and moves in the established direction.

3. simple operation

The simple operation of this project refers to the simple operation of ordinary consumers (performers). That is, the content of the performance is either the aspect that performers are good at, or the simple actions and lines that are set up. It does not require professional training of performers, so long as the simple practice can be competent.

4. short production cycle

The project uses specific templates, including background, special effects, dubbing, music, subtitles and so on. It only needs to matte the original film and merge with the template. Therefore, the period from filming to filming is very short.

Product introduction (by shooting object)

At present, with parents'attention to children's growth and childhood, taking art photos or videos for children is a basic consideration for every family. On the one hand, it can make up for the lack of time to play with children at work, on the other hand, it can also record the little drops of children's growth as a future nostalgia.

1. infants and young children

Target characteristics: During this period, the child's physiological development changes greatly, intelligence is in the enlightenment stage, natural movement, but poor performance ability, should pay attention to the record with special circumstances. Home videos, on-site shooting and post-production can be combined, and more use of sub-lens, capturing children's natural performance of the activity paragraph.

2. primary school students

Target characteristics: During this period, children receive systematic education, especially in the arts; therefore, they have certain performance skills. The shooting content can be combined with children's learning content, which can show their talent (participation in exhibitions, self-promotion, etc.) and also can be used as teaching aids (finding their own shortcomings, enhancing their interest in learning).

3. middle school students

Target characteristics: During this period, the child is experiencing adolescence, is in the physical and mental development stage. Its main characteristics are rapid and unbalanced physical and mental development, which is a period of complex development and full of contradictions. At the same time, personal talent is in the advanced stage, from basic learning to professional training. During this period, the focus of shooting should be on the display of artistic accomplishment and the reflection of children's self-concept.

4. College Students

Target characteristics: At this stage, the individual's physiological development has been nearly completed, has possessed the adult's physique and various physiological functions, but its psychology is not yet mature. For College students, an important task is to promote psychological maturity in order to become an adult with mental health. It can be said that the middle stage of youth is the key period to maturity. There are two filming directions in this stage: one is to apply for a job or enter a higher school, and the other is to shoot self-conscious films.

5. workplace elite

Target characteristics: In order to demonstrate self-ability and strive for better development opportunities, this stage of shooting should focus on the embodiment of personal ability, or the project that they are good at.

6. Successful people (artists, entrepreneurs)

Target characteristics: At this stage, the filmmakers have made some achievements. They can take their career or struggle history as the theme and shoot documentary type of micro-film, which not only has commemorative value for themselves, but also can be used for high-end promotion.