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Kaiyan Forum

Source of rich of intelligent language

Provides the language characteristic of broadcasting and hosting

Has the language style of political and commercial leaders

Possesses the semantic pattern of philanthropist

Chairman of Beijing Jinnuo Jiayin International Cultural Media Co., Ltd.
Broadcasting Qiankun (Beijing) International Cultural Media Co., Ltd. Chairman
Chairman of Beijing Yousheng Power International Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
Director of Language Arts Committee of Chinese Language Promotion Association
Ten Billion Voice Circle Founder and Architect
Speakers, Speakers and Professors at the Lecture Platform
Dean of Academy of Youth Language and Art

Opening Speech Forum Series Courses are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs to improve the positive energy of language, turn eloquence into money, and truly make their homes prosperous, enterprises prosperous and nations prosperous by words! In order to win the wealth of life, build a harmonious society, and realize the Chinese dream, unremitting efforts have been made.