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Kaiyan Forum

Source of rich of intelligent language

Provides the language characteristic of broadcasting and hosting

Has the language style of political and commercial leaders

Possesses the semantic pattern of philanthropist

Chairman of Beijing Jinnuojiayin International Cultural and Media Co., Ltd.
President of Bodong-Qiankun (Beijing) International Culture and Media Co., Ltd.
President of Beijing Yousheng Liliang International Management and Consulting Co., Ltd.
The pioneering person of Chinese audio industry operation
Director of the Language Art Committee of Chinese Cultural Promotion Association
Founder and architect of the billions of audio-sphere
Leading professor of Kaiyan Forum
President of Teenagers Language Art Institute

The series lesson courses of Kaiyan Forum are committed to help entrepreneurs how to improve the positive energy of the language, change the eloquence into wealth, so as to really prosper the family, the company and the country with the language! Make unremitting effort for winning the life of wealth, building the harmonious society and realize the dream of Chinese.